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Dear HVV (Highly Valued Visitor),

And, to all the new friends I've had the pleasure of 'talking chickens' with.

All things tend to come to an end, and that is the case with this website. When this site was first published in 2009 there were few similar sites. Now, it's easy to find multiple resources about this great hobby, so I know everyone who has questions will find the answers they want.

I may go online again in some capacity, it's a time of reflection and re-assessment as to my next venture. Probably not a good idea to start anything new until more time comes available, I really feel badly not being able to keep things up as they should be.

Wishing each and every one of you all the best, my sincere thanks and deep appreciation for your friendship!

The hosting account will end on the 19th of May, which means the email,  will, as well.  Will likely keep my facebook personal account, though I don't get there often. May see you on there.

The little e-books are still on Amazon if anyone is interested. It's hard to believe all the places one can end up online after a few years, quite a puzzle shutting it all down.

My very best wishes to all,

Scott Duncan,

aka "That Chicken Guy"




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